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to charges he plotted to blow up a bank in oakland. matthew llaneza was arraigned in federal court. prosecutors say last month he took what he believed was a real bomb to a bank of america on hagenburger road. they say the bomb was fake and given to llaneza as part of an undercover investigation. >>> the driver charged in the death of a san francisco high school student also pleaded not guilty today. 28-year-old ke era n brewer faces charges of vehicular manslaughter and driving under the influence. chang was killed saturday night as she crossed san francisco's sloat boulevard. prosecutors say chang was celebrating her 17th birthday that day. brewer's bail is set at $20,000. he is due to return to court march 27th. >>> happening right now, collin kaepernick is wrapping up an autograph signing. 49ers faithful have been lined up for hours to get a glimpse of kaepernick. but here's what's happening now the crowd is so large that they're trying to shut the doors to the safe way and end this autograph signing session. it was supposed to go to 6:30 but we've been watching this crowd an
. >>> oakland police working on crime. >>> and a raceway reopens one week after an accident that killed a north bay teenager. . >>> good evening, everyone. >> we begin with new developments in a nightclub shooting that left three people wounded. ktvu have confirmed the san fransisco entertainment commission has issued a 72-hour emergency suspension for nightclub 330 ritch after gunfire erupted at the club near at & t park. police are still looking for the shooters. we learn about the chaos and violence that sent club goers scrambling. >> reporter: the gunfire broke out just before 1:30 this morning at a nightclub in san fransisco, south of market. >> everybody was screaming, people running in and out, blood on the floor in the club. people falling and getting stepped on. >> reporter: it started with an argument inside the 330 ritch club. one man pulled a gun and fired. brittany williams ran outside and hid behind a car to avoid being shot. >> terrified. i have a child to go home to. this was a girl behind me what to do. i said i have no idea. >> reporter: three men were shot all from the east b
north to oakland, you will find graffiti almost the whole way there >> we connecticut tacted cal- tran, but we did not receive a note back. >> >> a graffiti artist is dead after falling over the weekend. a street sweeper found his body. he was convicted in 2009 and 2011. >> oakland police department is changing the way it fights crime and the chief said the new policing model is depending on community involvement. the goal is for the department to work directly with the community, oakland will be divided into five districts and a cap opinion will be responsible for each one and they will interact with neighborhood advisory committees, something oakland residents seem open to try. >> not trusting people like they used to. >> oakland police said they don't know how many people will sit on the advisories board, but they say it would be an application process and anyone could apply. >>> contra costa county raymond harris died after being shot while on the stairs leading to the station. richmond police say it appears the shooting happened following an argument. >> friends and relatives paid
>>> developing news right now in the east bay where a child has just been flown to oakland's children's hospital with gunshot wounds. >>> friends and family are stunned after a student visiting home on spring break is shot and killed in san francisco. >>> lawmakers may soon have a deal for a new sweeping immigration policy. what it means for workers in the u.s. and those trying to get into the country. >>> good evening, everyone. i'm heather holmes. >> i'm ken wayne. >>> we begin tonight with developing news in the east bay. we're getting word that a shot was shot in antioch this afternoon. our crew on the scene says it appears the child was shot in the stomach at a home on william reed drive. the youngster was flown to oakland children's hospital where we got these pictures less than an hour ago. the exact circumstances of the shooting are not clear. we will update you with more information as soon as it comes in. >>> now to san francisco where police are searching for the gunman who shot and killed a college student visiting family during his spring break. jade hernandez
. >>> oakland's first friday street fair is getting started right now, but people will see changes after a deadly shooting last month. >> and we are learning new details on a change of venue late today for the memorial plans of two slain santa cruz police officers. >>> good evening. i'm julie haener. >> and i'm ken wayne. frank is off tonight. oakland's first friday street fair is getting under way right now for the first time since the man was fatally shot last month. rob roth spoke to city officials who now say they are doing things differently to try to prevent another strategy. rob? >> reporter: ken, first friday is just getting started on telegraph avenue in downtown oakland. people are still arriving. the streets are closed. and there's a peace concert going on in memory of kiante campbell, shot to death at last month's first friday. oakland has made a number of changes this time, hoping that nothing like that happens here again. at this art gallery on telegraph avenue, an antiviolence display is going up, asking people to keep first friday safe. oakland police say -- oakland
. >>> and breaking news in oakland. there has been a shooting in the 1200 block of 82nd in east oakland. police tell us that the victim is a male and the injuries are not life-threatening. ktvu news crews are on the way to the scene, and we are trying to confirm reports that the victim may be a child. but again, all police will tell us is that the victim is a male. >>> a targeted theft at a school on the peninsula has left administrators and students reeling from the loss. john sasaki is live in san bruiny on where the thieves made off with high-priced technology. john? >> reporter: gasia, about 10:00 last night, the thieves cut that chain and in the back of the building into the technology classrooms. someone broke through the door to get into the room, and it was fully stocked with im ac computers and carts with ipads, ipods, and other computers but the thieves went to the newest and most expensive m ac books with nothing else touched rising the possibility that the criminals knew the layout. they took 22 computers but dropped four of them outside getting away. >> each of the computers is worth $2
the break, neighbors of oakland's mayor taking safety into their own hands. >> we hope she'll join in tomorrow if she wants. >> reporter: what they're doing and why they don't want to rely on the police. >> vacant for a decade. we will reveal the plans for this building. >> we're really excited about helping it flourish. >>> plus the perks of being a politician. details on a hawaii trip some lawmakers took but did not fully pay for. 97 ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] now's the time to save 5% off every day with your lowe's consumer credit card. >>> new at 6:00, public patrols may be coming to oakland mayor gene quan's neighborhood but not because she ordered them. ktvu's paul chamber is in the news now with the security concern that has her neighbors looking into this new option. paul-- >> reporter: frank people living in the oakland hills say enough is enough with burglaries in the area. so they're taking matters into their own hands and hiring public securities. back in june of 2011 i did a story with libby shaft about neighbors who also hired private security. neighbored walked the s
allegations that money was paid to influence an oakland city counsel member to do business on public property. ktvu's eric rasmussen uncovered a second investigation involving larry reid who is already the suggest of a report -- subject of a report by the auditor. >> reporter: we obtained this report by a private investigator. it includes an interview with a man who says his business partner paid money to get special treatment from larry reid. >> reporter: they had a good deal on the side of the old oakland army base. in 2009 it got approval to accept material. >> i was so concerned. >> reporter: he told us his business partner and owner paid a long time activist a thousand dollars a week to get the city's cooperation. >> reporter: what was the money for? >> so he could get whatever he wants from the city. >> reporter: how do you think he was doing that? >> because he had a connection. he had a connection with larry reid. >> reporter: according to the report he told a private investigator i heard him tell him he wanted to retire and he wanted $50,000 a year and he needed to figure out how he
lee is live in oakland. a dui from five years ago. >> that's right, the oakland police department is in the hot seat for misidentifying a web designer as a gang member. that unwanted man has filed that lawsuit and suing the city and the chief of police for liable and damages. when oakland police misidentified him as one of the city's most wanted criminals last february, it nearly ruined his life. >> i don't know what people think about me. i don't want to be the criminal. >> the 37-year-old says he had to move three times since his photograph was publicly released and he can't find work. problems his lawyer, john burres blames on the police. >> he had moved, he had to deal with the shame and embarrassment and the concern for his own public safety. largely because being on the most wanted list could, in fact, get you killed. >> he is no longer on oakland's most wanted list, but burress says the lawsuit was filed to help force authorities to clear van's name. >> all i can say is we just got this lawsuit, so we can't comment until we review the allegations and determine what the
on the victim's name. >> downtown businesses in oakland is upset and worryied about value vandals. someone filled every door lock and pad locks with clue. >> there is a lot of security walking around in the day time and they care and do what they can but we need somebody walking around doing something at night. >> oakland police said they received no calls from merchants. ( >> the man accused of stealing an artifact from the oakland museum, stole this jewelry box back in january. impact dates back to the gold rush days. if convicted he could face 10 years in prison and $250,000 fine. >>> lawmakers introduced legislation today. they say too many offenders are ending up on the streets. a recent study shows more sex offenders are on the street since realignment took effect in 2011. >> it's causing very real problems that need very real solutions. we can not allow our communities to live in fear of criminals being released early onto the streets. >> today's proposed legislation would send offenders back to pri
is live in oakland where she uncovered what happens to the weapons people turn in. jade? >> reporter: they are putting the weapons underground afor good. we told you about -- for good. we told you about the gun buy back program, but what happens to them? >> reporter: they could be made up of something you might not think of. >> get me that oozy. >> reporter: guns. specifically weapons collected during -- collected during the gun buy back program. the 680 weapons given up to the secret location where the guns are being pulled off the streets and put underneath it as materials for water pipes. but first all of these guns are run through the data bank to make sure they weren't involved in a crime. only one raised a red flag, that was stolen. >> reporter: if it was involved in a crime. >> we would investigate to find out where it came from. >> reporter: as for the rest of the weapons -- >> we pick up the scrap with a magnet, we load it into a hopper so we know the amount we have and we put it into had melting furnace. >> reporter: out comes the metal that is used for the pipe found under
charged with overseaing the oakland police force laid out his goals today. paul chambers is live now in oakland where former los angeles police chief bill bretton talked about the stop and frisk policy that he has back in the pass. >> he just wrapped up a news conference here and he said he will bring a fresh perspective to a city that is under staffed, especially for a city this size. still he will focus on three major crimes. >> murders, the robberies, the burglaries, pretty much being committed by a relatively small proportion of the population here in october -- in oakland and the focus is dealing on that population that is committing these crimes. >> he arrived on sunday and since then he has worked with investigators on a homicide and a few hours later he went to a retaliatory shooting. he said his team will use shot spotters and license plate readers and comb the internet where criminals brag about the crime they have committed. and he said there isn't a department in the country that will be effective without the stops. >> the responsibility of the police, the leadership, th
were on board but nobody was injured. >>> oakland police are investigating a double homicide. police tell us they were called to apricot and glennheim streets for reports of gun shots just after 4:00 this morning. a man and woman were found in the street and both were pronounced dead at the scene. police are still woshing to identify the victims and they have no arrests. the shootings marks oakland's 14th and 15th homicides this year. >>> police in pallo alto are also investigating a homicide. a 22-year-old was killed and a juvenile was hurt in a shooting around 6:00 last night. investigators say he argued with someone in a black vehicle and a person inside that vehicle then opened fire. police tonight are still searching for the shooter. >>> the santa clara sheriff's office says more than 1,000 guns were collected at a gun buyback today. organizers say about 100 cars were lined up two hours before the buy back even started. the sheriff's office says most of the weapons collected were hand guns and rifles, which were worth about $100 each but several assault weapons were also turned
cameras mounted here in oakland. they captured video of her walking by on thursday morning. >> reporter: this surveillance video shows her on a morning walk near 34th and telegraph. it brings her mother to tears. >> it is hard. very hard. she looked happy. >> reporter: thursday morning was the last time they saw her. since then they launched a search effort handing out flyers, talking to residents and reaching out to commuters at the bart station. some local businesses helped out by sharing surveillance video. >> extremely worried. wondering how we can keep our community safe. >> search of her computer shows she looked up information on san francisco parks before she disappeared. >> feel positive they know what they are doing. >> reporter: police wouldn't talk on camera about the case but provided this update saying investigators received information she was seen in west oakland after she was reported missing. she is convinced her daughter did not leave voluntarily. >> she wouldn't do this knowing people are looking for her. it is a parent's worse nightmare. not knowing. >> reporter: fr
of the man who was shot and killed on monday. >>> oakland teachers are critical of a new report on how to improve the city's public schools. the washington, d.c.-based national council on teacher quality released its study today. among the recommendations are improving teacher evaluations linking raises to student achievement and lengthening the teacher's workday to 8 hours. the study reflects the corporate reform agenda of its private backers. the group says better teacher pay, smaller class sizes and clean and safe school would do more to improve education. >>> a judge resumed in favor of the san francisco 49 earns today saying $30 million in disputed tax money was intended for the new santa clara stadium. schools argued they needed that money for classrooms while the team tried to use it to balance the state budget. the money will stay frozen until the judge decides how it should be allocated. >>> employees at san francisco general hospital rallied in front of the hospital over allegations of workplace bullying. union employees point to the case of a hospital interpreter. she left w
steered clear of trouble in this oakland neighborhood. >> it's a tough situation. >> reporter: a successful businessman touched by the 9/11 attack, he joined the military. >> i'm not doing it for the money or career. i wanted to contribute. >> reporter: his god mother is barbara. >> there's a heart felt feeling what's going on in oakland. >> reporter: a man true to his roots with a message to the youth who live here. >> the thing i would say is to keep dreaming. i think these kids dream enough. they're limited by what they see around them in the neighborhood. there's a big world out there. >> reporter: he's battled in it, kuwait, iraq and afghanistan and now back home in the arms of his family. ktvu channel 2 news. >>> the big scissors came out today. [technical difficulties] its president says staying in san jose was a no brainer. >> we've been here in san jose for 20 plus years. we think san jose got a better infrastructure to support manufacturing than any other silicone valley cities. >> manufacturing is making a comeback in the valley as high- tech companies realize t
around the country. including oakland. >> members of the union are frustrated they have been working without a contract since july. one of their concerns is a change by management to using part time employees. >> they don't have the concern and care for the customers. you will have a negative impact on the customers that impacts our jobs. >> southwest had no public comment on the issue of temporary workers what they are anxious to continue negotiating. >>> season chavez was hahn -- cisar chavez was honored today in san jose. >> the students walked to the mexico heritage plaza. this is the 20th year they held the march. cisar chavez day will be observed monday. >>> paying property taxes became more convenience for some. you can use your iphone or ipad. the app is available on itunes and you can use their website. the second installment is due by april 10. >>> the chp is helping up -- the california highway patrol is offering a free class to help seniors improve their driving skills, refresh their knowledge of rules and learn thew adjustment to -- learn how to adjustment to changes. >>
: today they rallied in oakland. >> it is torture. >> reporter: on their minds prisoners locked up. >> not like they are prisoners of war. they are in prison here. >> they are human beings. >> reporter: there are 10 convicted criminals associated with rival games. >> they are hopeful because of the lawsuit. >> reporter: she is one of the attorneys representing the prisoners. >> we are seeking a court ruling that anything above 10 years in solitary confinement is unconstitutional. >> reporter: they spend 22 half hours a day deprived of human contact. >> lot of them sleep at cold because it is cold. they don't have access to the outside. >> spokeswoman said it is essentially from allowing them organizing gang aacts -- ang acts. -- gang acts. >> with that out of the way and the other comments she made, we feel like we will be able to make progress more rapidly in the next period. >> reporter: prisoners went on a hunger strike calling attention to the treatment of those and another one could happen this summer. they launched a program in the fall with the goal of reducing the 3,000 inm
. with four returning starters oakland signed former brown's linebacker. cincinnati defensive tackle and broncos defensive end. the broncos provided another target for their quarterback, peyton manning, wes welker. wes welker caught 100 passes in 5-6 years with tom brady and the patriots. warriors hosting detroit, in the number 6 playoff spot in the west. see you tonight at 10:00 p.m. can't keep track of that stuff. >> thank you. >>> the san francisco symphony is on strike tonight at 10:00 p.m. the break down at the bargaining table -- bargaining table and the last minute move to try to avert a cancellation of tomorrow's performance. >> and thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news, we are always here for you on www.ktvu.com and mobile ktvu. thank you for joining us.
. . >>> a man accused of fatally shooting an oakland-based rapper and the death of two other people in las vegas last month appeared in court today. 26-year-old amar harris did not enter a plea during the extradition hearing. he was arrested in los angeles last week harris opened fire on kenneth cherry, jr. of oakland that triggered a fiery crash. >>> a young man was shot and killed in the city of campbell. it's the first homicide there in five years. police say 18-year-old richard vega was shot several times la night while out on a walk near his home on lat mer avenue. he was taken to the hospital where he later died. investigators don't know yet if the shooting was gang related but say there is no evidence vega was in a gang. vega's sister told us the family was searching for answers. >> he had a huge heart, huge huge heart. he was a good kid. you know, anybody who knows anything, you know, regarding what happened, please, lieshgs come forward just so that, you know, you could help us get some peace. >> veg sashgs a graduate of santa clara high school. that's where friends and family plan to g
,000 in the burglary case in which a richmond police officer's two dogs were poisoned. oakland based pet food express is matching the richmond police officer's $10,000 reward for information leading to the suspect's capture and conviction. burglars broke into the officers home last friday. and before getting away with five guns, they poisoned the officers pet labrador retriever and also a police canine dog in a backyard kennel. the family's labrador died from the poisoning, the police dog is still recovering. >>> lottery officials are looking for the person who bought a winning ticket. that gas station will receive $165,000 for selling that winning ticket. the lucky ticketholder has 180 days to claim the prize. >>> and the drawing was last night the winning numbers are one, two, three, 22, 34, and the mega number is eight. >>> a little bit of shower active táeu out there right now. kind of messing with the afternoon a bit. you have the live camera shot. that's obviously the new bridge on the right. older bridge on the left and taillights, red lights are going into the city. but there are some wet ro
rapidly tomorrow. partly cloudy to mostly cloudy to sunny. along the coast mostly cloudy and oakland is partly cloudy. the temperature for the current numbers are cooler around the bay. sfo 56 degrees. a slight wind. a perfect day. a lot like today. which will be like tomorrow. temperature will be similar. more sunshine tomorrow and that's a nicer day i suspect. the weekend is dry, as we go down the road, as we get into tuesday night and wednesday, we'll see rain, not a big deal. it will be wet. plan accordingly if you have outdoor activities planned for next week. overnight lows 40s. 45 in antioch. a few high clouds today in a mild at the everyone will pursuit into tomorrow. more sunshine as the high pressure pushes more clouds to the north. a nice looking saturday, saturday the nicest day on the weekend. sunday is close behind. the forecast model clears it out. the clouds we're seeing now clear out overnight. maybe coastal fog, we clear out in the afternoon, rain stays to the north as everything, days gets longer. we have a nice looking bay area weekend. it's winter the, we're not
right now are on spring training. they are starting to split the squad to double up again. the oakland ace mexicans unix tonight. they allowed 33 hits and 26 runs in a game that nobody won. it sounds like spring in baseball. it jumped up to three-zero lead. josh ties it with one swing of his mighty bat. his third homer of the spring. jarrett weaver a loud eight earned runs in two innings. they go yard. and then still on the second they have a deep thought. the first home run of the spring. each team scored big numbers late in the game. the spanish. they lost 11-five. but cincinnati went seven-six. it's just about to begin. the dominican republic heads into the world
today. >> san francisco police and an oakland raider join the fight against bullying. how they are hoping to empower children. >>> a very nice saturday across the entire bay area. here's our live camera looking outside. a few high clouds out there, coming up, the neighborhoods that will hit the low 70s and i'll let you know if we'll have any rain clouds in the forecast. >> why researchers weren't worried about the asteroid the size of a football headed our way today. ♪ roundup ♪ i want a weed free season, that's how i roll ♪ ♪ so i reach for roundup extended control ♪ ♪ with the all-new, no pump, one-touch wand ♪ ♪ it kills weeds dead and keeps weeds gone ♪ [ whip cracks ] ♪ roundup extended control ♪ i just spray them weeds, then spray them cracks ♪ ♪ the weeds are gone, and they won't be back ♪ ♪ driveway, patio, i just spray once ♪ ♪ and it's adios weeds for up to four sweet months ♪ [ whip cracks ] ♪ roundup extended control [ male announcer ] roundup extended control ♪ yeha with the new one-touch wand. [ whip cracks ] >>> more
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